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Season 3 released on July 5, 2005
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Welcome to Notes from the Underground, an adult-only, slash-focused Tour of Duty fanfic list. We wanted tons of fic, we wanted free-wheeling discourse, we wanted hot men in rumpled fatigues. And behold, we created Notes from the Underground. Our focus is slash, but we love to read about the Tour of Duty guys in genfic too. To be very specific: this is an age-restricted, slash-focused, ADULT list. Anyone who is 18 or older, loves Tour of Duty, and loves slash is welcome.

As writers, we strive to improve our writing skills. As readers, we want to share our enjoyment and opinions of the writing. Feedback is not only welcome, it is vital. We hope to share our interests, concerns, and resources with writers new and old. Writers and readers will find resources on everything from the mechanics of good writing to the history of the Vietnam War.

If you want to join up, please read the list rules and fanfic guidelines by following the links listed above.  Then click here to complete your enlistment papers!


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The stories here are written purely for entertainment purposes and not meant to infringe in any way on the holders of the rights to Tour of Duty. The stories here are owned by the authors, written for fun and not profit, and may not be reproduced in any way without their permission.

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The first Tour of Duty zine, "Notes From the Underground I," won a 2004 Screwz award for "Best Overall Zine" in the Miscellaneous Fandoms category. 

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